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waterway vessel with leather colar

Isabella is an independent designer maker who specialises in silverware and small-scale sculptural jewellery. She draws inspiration from shapes and silhouettes, that surround her, which in turn develops the form and patterns that feature within her work. Isabella’s practice is focused on learning, being a process-led maker; she is driven by exploring and perfecting new techniques. The most recent development within her practice is the combination of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) with traditional workshop processes.

It’s All in the Details

I’m here to turn ideas into reality and am thrilled to assist you in designing your dream piece. Please get in touch with me for further information if you have a specific request.

tealight holder CAD render


Do you need a concept design for a client? a file for laser cutting work? or a 3D casting file? For more information about the software I use and what I can achieve, please get in contact.

gold earings.jpg


Making to order allows you to really personalize the jewellery and small silverware I offer from the choice of material to the finish of pieces.

Please get in touch to treat yourself or a loved one to something really special.

Jubillie Beaker


Every item I design starts with a unique vision, brought to life through the skills I have learnt from master craftspeople with years of experience. If you have an idea for a larger piece? Start a conversation. 

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